Forest Hills Foundation for Education

What is the Need?

In Forest Hills and across America, educational resources are being stretched as never before. Cuts and compromises are constant factors in our educational environment. While Forest Hills educators have been able to maintain excellent standards, tax dollars are no longer sufficient to provide the facilities, technology, and resources our kids need to succeed and compete effectively.

Why Support Forest Hills Foundation for Education?

  • Look at the best communities and you realize it’s true: great schools are at the heart of great towns and cities. In ways many take for granted, superior schools pump life and energy into communities, generating strength and prosperity that benefit everyone.
  • Forest Hills schools consistently rank among the best in the state and the nation.
  • Great schools attract new people to the Forest Hills School District. They add value to homes and property, and they attract businesses that make this an enjoyable place to live.
  • Most successful school districts have a well-­‐organized, well-­‐endowed Foundation. Today, if we want to maintain the excellence we’ve come to expect in our school district, it’s up to us. We simply cannot ensure that our schools continue to meet our highest expectations without the necessary support and investment from the community.

What are the Benefits?

  • For The School District
    • Supplemental long term funding to build for the future and ensure continued excellence.
    • Provide opportunities beyond the day-to-day.
  • For The Community
    • Provides a way for the community and the schools to connect.
    • Demonstrates to the community that we are pursuing long-­‐term alternative funding sources.
  • For donors
    • It’s a way to help keep our community strong.
    • It’s an investment in our future.
    • Contributions are tax deductible.

For more information go to our website or contact our Executive Director, Dee Stone, at or 513-­520-­5409.