About Our Event

Race day: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 8:30 a.m. Nagel Middle School Best Day in May to Run as One = 9 schools, hundreds of volunteers, over 2000 participants, many businesses and organizations... all coming together as one to support the students and staff of the Forest Hills School District! Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday!

2018 will mark the 9th annual FHFE/FH5K. For the past 8 years the race has been host to over 2000 participants, over 200 volunteers and has raised over $150,000 that has gone back into the Forest Hills Schools district in support of identified programs. The race has become an event that encourages individuals of all ages and fitness levels to participate in an activity that is very community driven, engaging, fun for everyone and promotes lifelong behavior change.

The initial and on-going objectives of the Forest Hills 5K are:

  • To encourage the students, staff and families of the FHSD and the Anderson Township and surrounding communities to embrace healthy behaviors and fitness as a part of their daily life
  • To promote and continue to educate the community about the purpose, objectives and initiatives of the Forest Hills Foundation for Education (FHFE)
  • To be one of the annual fundraisers for the FHFE ( for additional information on the FHFE, please visit their website at www.fhfe.org )
  • To bring the nine schools within the Forest Hills District together to foster a community atmosphere

The event will begin and end at Nagel Middle School, the one school that all students and families encounter during their educational experience. The goal is to create a festive community atmosphere throughout the 5k experience, before, during and after. Upon completion of the race all participants will have the opportunity to take part in a family festival, to be held at Nagel Middle School. The festival is scheduled to last until 11:30 a.m.

Unique features of the FH5K Event

  • Community/business outreach: building relationships with businesses through partnerships and presence at post race festival. Over 45 businesses and organizations support the FH5K annually
  • REACH Running Clubs: individual running clubs held at all elementary schools, Nagel Middle School and the special needs program at Turpin HS.
  • Community 5K Training program: sponsored and administered by Bob Roncker’s, the Running Spot, held in conjunction with FH5K volunteer partner, ME Lyons YMCA
  • Running Mentors: individuals: students, parents, community members that choose a running club to be involved with and become an integral part of the weekly training sessions
  • All participants receive a race t-shirt and finishing medal and the top 3 places in each age category receive an additional recognition award
  • Food and drinks at the finish line all provided by the festival partner: Kroger Anderson Town center
  • Food and drinks at the post race festival, free to all participants from supporting partners: LaRosas, Kroger’s, SNOWIE, Luckman Coffee, and many more
  • QueDee productions, D&M Audio and local student and adult bands playing favorite sounds of FHSD students and families from start to finish. The student and local bands on the course: each year local HS and community bands are present throughout the 5K race course. Any bands wishing to participate are invited. The goal is to have as many bands as we have room for
  • Local and Cincinnati community mascots present throughout the race day to participate in the mascot challenge, cheer weary runners across the finish line and make a photo memory that will last a lifetime. The winner of the mascot challenge for the school district becomes the proud holder of the coveted mascot trophy (created by Nagel Art Teacher, Joe Newton)
  • Kids Fun Dash: 100 yd dash for 6 and under participants, all receive participant ribbon
  • Over 200 Volunteers on hand to ensure that every participate has an amazing experience.
  • Police, fire and rescue on site throughout the event day
  • Physical therapists from Wellington Orthopedics at the finish to assist weary/injured runners
  • Beginning ceremonies presented by the students of the FHSD: National Anthem, presentation of the flag
    - Official 5K (3.2 miles) certified course that will allow for both walkers and runners.

Impact of the FH5K

All proceeds from the race go directly to the FHFE which in turn provides funding for identified programs within the Forest Hills School district. To date the FH5K has raised over $150,000 and is being used to fund the following programs within the FHSD:

  • College and Career Prep Classes:

    FHFE funds PSAT and ACT prep classes so that students can maximize their scores and their college and scholarship opportunities. Both Anderson and Turpin High Schools had a significant increase in the number of students qualifying as National Merit Scholars after taking the 2013 PSAT (the first year the PSAT Practice test was offered). This year, FHFE will also host an interview skills class.

  • Destination Imagination

    Destination Imagination (DI) is a national program in which students learn critical thinking and group problem solving skills. The Foundation pays the cost of DI teams at the six elementary schools and Nagel, including school coordinator stipends, team packets, and entrance fees.

    DI started with 14 teams (approximately 5 students per team) in 2013 that increased to 23 teams in 2014 and 28 teams in 2015. In the last two years, we have had multiple teams go to the State competition following the regional competition.

    “One of the biggest reasons I’m an engineer today is because I got to try it out in DI. DI also helped me develop my team building skills, which I use extensively in coordinating continuous improvement activities.” – former DI participant

  • Nagel After-­‐School Access & Enrichment:

    FHFE provides after-­‐school computer access, tutoring, and enrichment for students at Nagel Middle School. Middle school is a critical transition time for students, as they often require additional emotional and academic support. The Foundation pays for the teachers’ stipends and the cost of the buses to transport students home from the tutoring sessions.

    The After-School program has grown from 20 students per session in 2013 to an average of 40 to 60 students in 2015.

    “I used to have a lot of missing assignments, and now I don’t. I used to get D’s; now I have B’s and C’s.” – Nagel student

  • Teacher Grants:

    New for the 2015-16 school year, FHFE is funding innovative grant requests from Forest Hills teachers that support Forest Hills Foundation for Education’s vision.

    The Foundation will annually seek projects that can be applied to multiple classrooms or multiple schools either in year one or in subsequent years. In this inaugural year, we funded ten grants, reaching more than 1000 students.