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In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, we've made the best day in May a month long event!

The FH5K is now the FH5Kind virtual event.

The 2020 FH5Kind virtual event allows you to choose from 5 different kinds of activities that work best for you and your family--whether that be running/walking, a game of kick the can in your backyard, creating a chalk art masterpiece on your driveway, participating in an online fitness class, or taking 5 minutes to relax and meditate. Yep, you don't even have to run or walk to participate!

When you register as a virtual participant, you'll get the coveted FH5K medal, virtual coupons from our sponsors AND you'll get to take part in our fun weekly family challenges.

We'll help you keep things interesting and give you some mental health tips as we continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Since we won't be together, you can share your accomplishments and activities via social media.

You can also purchase the FH5Kind t-shirt shown below.

Register today to stay connected and raise funds to provide resources and opportunities for our FHSD students. We are grateful for your support!